Jumat, 01 Maret 2019

Tenkei Aikidojo Joining Shinjuku Aikikai Group

Announcement :

Beginning March 1st of 2019 Tenkei Aikidojo will officially be joining Shinjuku Aikikai Group of Tokyo Japan, headed by Susami sensei.

By this decision, Susami sensei hopes that all members of Tenkei Aikidojo will enhanced their spirit in everyday keiko.

Eka sensei's message to all Tenkei Aikidojo's member to support our dojo and keep forging the spirit of aikido as the true budo.

Brief Introduction About Shinjuku Aikikai :

Shinjuku Aikikai dojo is one of the Aikikai honbu branch of dojos that has been established in Tokyo Shinjuku area for 59 years.

Chonan sensei is an instructor dispatched by Shinjuku Aikikai. He has been the dojo's member for 31 years.

Currently the Chairman is Mr. Susami.
He is the sixth Chairman.
He has supported Bali Aikikai since its first establishment.
From now on he will be supporting Tenkei Aikidojo

Please visit Shinjuku Aikikai website at  http://shinjuku-aikikai.com/

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